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People are starting to talk by JessicaMDouglas People are starting to talk by JessicaMDouglas
Look. We need to have a talk.

See... people are starting to ask questions. There was that mess with the squirrel last week, and the kegger the week before. And I'm STILL under investigation after that little incident with the triplets.

It's not just that, you're starting to become a bad influence. The other day someone came around looking for THEIR muse. Don't deny it, I heard the giggles. I don't want to know what you did to the poor thing, but I expect it returned to it's owner immediately. Preferably in the same state you took it in.

Also, I'm pretty sure that octopuses only have eight legs. Hence the name 'octo'. So that whole.. fifteen tentacles, each with a different suggestion? Yeah. That's not helping.

So look. I say this because I love you. You need help. Really. I'd like to enroll you with a therapist. I'm starting to suspect that you might have .. maybe adhd? Really, it's for your own good.

Oh and yeah. Draw be-otch? Really? Maybe you should take some classes in motivational speaking.


Running off to play at a friend's book signing. Scribbly before I go. You can all blame :iconhouly1970: for this. For those that are still confused, houly left me this description of my muse/artistic process: [link]

Oh god I"m a jackass. Background texture thanks to `hibbary and the fantastical textures.
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November 14, 2009
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