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Motherhood by JessicaMDouglas Motherhood by JessicaMDouglas
colored pencil on blue cardstock

For those who were asking or wondering, the flowers on her belt are each about an eight of an inch big...... a detail is here [link]

And sorry about the reuploads, just adding a border to it, as the prints were coming too close to the image itself.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
For a dear friend...

Motherhood isn't easy. I'ts the hardest thing you'll ever do in your life. You'll make sacrifices every day that no one will notices.

Acts that would be considered herculean if anyone else did them, are expected from you..... after all, you are a mother.

Your heart will get broken time and again by your children and the choices they make.

So why? Why do it?

Because it's worth it. Every time you look up and see those sparkling eyes. Every time you help your child take one more step down life's path. I promise you, no matter how hard it gets, or how scary it seems... it really will be worth it.

Words cannot express how happy I am for you my dear... so perhaps this gives you some idea?
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March 5, 2004
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