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I've gotten a few interesting messages over the past few days, so I thought I'd just.. do a random list of things you may not have known about me. Feel free to ask for more info about any of this.

1. Sweeney Todd is my favorite play. I first saw it when I was 8. I assisted my dad in building the sets for it.

2. Nothing will kill Disneyland for me. My dad would take me there every single year, and like clockwork we always did the pirates of the carribean ride and the haunted mansion first. Then hit the rest of the park afterwards.

3. I went to college multiple times. The first time was art, but the second time I switched majors and careers three times before I went back to art. Those three times were Religious Studies, Psychology and... Astronomy. While all three subjects are incredibly fascinating when I take them on my own terms, I've found that the overwhelming information you need to learn in order to be competent in the field is.. kind of boring. Particularly Astronomy, my first professor spoke in a monotone. To this day I cannot hear the distance of the earth from the sun without just hearing a steady hum and no numbers at all.

4. I was first published when I was 12 years old, in a book called Saturday Afternoon. It was an underground book full of famous actors and musicians who had a dream of being authors as well. Generally they were short stories or poetry, my dad got me published as the artist in it.

5. Elliot Gould asked for my autograph, for said book.

6. My biggest dream in life has been to have a small bit of land in the middle of no where, where I didn't have to go near people unless I wanted to, and could simply paint. I don't particularly care one way or the other for fame and fortune, mostly I just want to be able to continue painting because I have so much to express I feel I might burst if I do not express it.

7. That dream is going to be coming true very soon.

8. I know how to bake. And make candy from scratch (and if I don't know how to make a particular one, I learn very fast). I also can make wedding cakes, from an early career of doing that part time with my mother when I was very little. I do not LIKE to make wedding cakes, and frosting flowers generally end up eaten before they get to the cake. But I can.

9. The first book I ever owned was "The Sleeping Beauty, and other fairy tales" illustrated by Edmund Dulac, and republished in 1978 (the original was published in 1910). It was given to me by an aunt and uncle for my first birthday. Said aunt and uncle also gave me my second book, "The Flight of Dragons" by Peter Dickinson and Wayne Anderson the following year in 1979.

10. I wasn't able to read either book until I was six.

11. I am currently working on four paintings simultaneously.

12. My favorite food is tomato mozarella salad, which consists of cherry tomatoes, artichokes, green olives stuffed with blue cheese, mozarella balls, and slices of sundried tomatoes.

13. I once painted two chow chows to look like foo dogs when I was very little.

14. I got grounded for a really long time for that.

15. I've been on, and assisted in building, the sets for Babylon 5. It was one of the perks for having such an amazing father, who builds sets.

16. I first read the diary of anne frank because we were building the sets for a play about her, and I wanted to learn more after building walls that had interesting broken out parts for the audience to view the people behind the walls.

17. My grandmother was Choctaw indian, on my mother's side. My dad's side is pure scottish, and immigrated from scottland not that long ago. I identify with the scottish, and was not raised with any native american history. On the scottish side our family kidnapped the king. Because we could. We did not succeed in that particular bid for power *cough*.

18. I have testified to the fbi and in court against two different family members for wrong doing. Both went to prison.

19. My favorite monster is the werewolf. Because when I was very little (8), dad had me convinced that he was a werewolf. Including pretending to transform into one during halloween, and howling at the moon and chasing me home when the moon was full. To this day werewolves in movies make me grin like crazy.

20. My birthday is in two weeks, and I still feel like a teenager. Sometimes I stop and blink when I realize my age and go 'what.. when did that happen?'


Jessica Douglas
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States

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